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Ignite Your Courage

Amazon International Best Seller

Ignite Your Courage is Available NOW!

Guess what? I co-authored a new book called IGNITE YOUR COURAGE.

This inspiring project brings together remarkable life stories from individuals

who have harnessed the incredible power of courage to shape their destinies.

My story is about my personal journey from fear of failure and overwhelming

self-doubt to accomplishing one of my most challenging and rewarding life goals,

and what I've learned along the way.  

Here's a little teaser of my power quote from the book: 

Thoughts of backing out lingered, but as the initial shock subsided, an unwavering determination took hold, fueled by the wisdom imparted by my mother. She told me fear should not be avoided or suppressed but rather embraced as a gateway to something extraordinary. She went on to say that the opportunities that intimidate us are often the ones that can propel us to unimaginable heights, infusing our lives with profound meaning and enabling us to leave an indelible mark on the world. It became clear to me that the fear I had been feeling was a sign that this was my moment, and I had to seize it!


My intention with my story is to inspire and empower others facing fear and self-doubt to embrace their potential. By vulnerably sharing my own inner battles, I aim to convey that even the bravest among us contend with insecurity.

My core message is that living courageously requires daily practice - but it allows us to overcome obstacles, conquer fear, and lead lives of meaning and purpose. I hope readers walk away
believing in their inner fortitude to achieve greatness despite life's challenges. 





IGNITE HUMANITY- Set to be released in 2024 
I am excited to announce that I will also be one of the authors
of the 

incredible new book Ignite Humanity


Ignite Humanity will showcase inspiring humanitarians and business leaders whose stories have the power to Ignite the lives of others around the world and whose work is making an impact for the good of all humanity. I am honored to be a part of this powerful project and hope my story inspires others to live a life of purpose, do what they love, and create positive change in the world. 

Ignite Humanit Book Cover.webp


"I appreciated the vulnerability of all of these authors stories. I found great inspiration in reading about the obstacles that these people have conquered . I especially related to Farrah Smiths account of her struggles regarding fear and self doubt. To see how she overcame her intense fears and anxiety through self work and action was highly impressive. I found it very helpful to read her actionable steps, as well as the other authors actionable steps. Now I feel like I can actually follow these guidelines to move forward in life in search for a more meaningful and purposeful existence."

- Debbie Carey

"Wow! I am so impressed with the powerful stories in this book. The authors fearlessly share moments of their lives when they had to slay the dragon of their deepest fears to persevere and level up in their lives. I was particularly moved by Farrah Smith’s story of overcoming her fears of judgment and public speaking by stepping out onto the TED stage to share her important message about mental health. It’s amazing how fulfilling one’s purpose can drive us forward to find courage in the face of fear. Get your copy of this book if you’re ready to be to lean into courage in your own life!"

- Nicole Mixdorf

"This book is a compilation of riveting, inspirational stories told by storytellers from different walks of life. The stories bring forth a multi-dimensional perspective of courage, depicting it as much more than just a push past fear, but as a profound human experience that we might experience when dealing with anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and when encountering other countless situations in our lifetime.  The authors share their wisdom through practical, "bite-sized," action steps that empower the reader to consider their own paths to "ignite" their own courage."

- Kathleen Velasco

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